Story Matters


Beyond Boundaries

Sometimes good things end up on the cutting room floor.

When editing photography at Journey, we’re motivated to create an understanding on a basic, human level. We try to create a visceral response. When a viewer, in his or her imagination, is able to interact with a scene beyond the boundary of that exact photo, placing himself or herself into the story, then we’ve succeeded.

But not all journalism is poetry. Sometimes “prose” takes precedence. Communicating the basics of a story is necessary to maintaining a reader’s attention, and to moving a story forward. Often, a lot of poetic imagery is left behind.

Our visuals editor, Phil De Jong, Jr., captured these images throughout Simien National Park in the highlands of Ethiopia. He shot more than 3,000 images over the course of three days. Only 11 were printed in Selamta magazine.

Here, a selection of the beauty that wasn’t printed, but that still possesses the power to communicate.

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