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How to Deal With Limits

Because sometimes it’s your job.

Willow Tree is an up-and-coming app development company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The app they designed last year for New York’s Barclays Center (you know, home of the Brooklyn Nets) was celebrated in The New York Times and Forbes, and mentioned by NPR. WillowTree’s Jeff Pamer is a software engineer specializing in web-based apps. Talk about dealing with constraints. Here, his constrained thoughts.

Jeff Pamer
WillowTree Apps

I’ve always felt this need to branch out and try new things as they become available. It’s been nice to be so focused on this one segment of developing (web-based apps). I’ve honed my skills in a very fast amount of time since I’m focused on this one specific technology stack.

When you deal with the web you have certain issues like the limitations set by browser vendors, or the amount of memory or speed of the device for which you’re building. In some ways these constraints makes it easier, because you know where to focus your specific target platform as opposed to building things for a wide number of platforms.

There’s a flip side, of course. You could get frustrated with the limitations of mobile-web, but in a lot of ways, I see it as freeing in that you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff because it’s just not possible. You can spend your time focusing on what is possible or pushing the boundaries of those possibilities.

In dealing with limitations, you have to know really well what they are before you start pushing them. If you have a vague knowledge of a lot of different subjects, it’s hard to get to the edges of any of them.

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