Story Matters

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We’re Going to Try Something a Little Different

At Journey Group, stories are in our blood.

But we don’t think we’re that special: Storytelling is integral to humankind. For millennia, we’ve been telling stories by painting on cave walls, singing poems, dancing around fires and scrawling novels. We have always been desperate to communicate beauty and meaning to one another.   

And so here we are in 2017, carrying the same narrative urges as our ancestors. As we lurch further into the 21st century, there is an abundance of stories at our disposal. The devices that want to feed us content seem to multiply with every passing year. We are drowning in information. The internet, for all its horizon-expanding potential, can feel like a veritable flood.

So, let us help you—our friends, current and former clients and general lovers of narrative—sift through the floodwaters to find things of value. We come from different backgrounds at Journey, but we are unified in our belief that stories still matter.

In our new iteration of Story Matters, we will bring you stories from around the world that move us and make us ponder, stories that urge us to explore and create.

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